Every relationship is bound to encounter a few problems, but sometimes, some issues are more serious than others, even bringing you to think of breaking up. People often say that it’s essential to know when a relationship is no longer doing you good, but many forget that sometimes, leaving your partner isn’t the answer!

The beginning of a relationship is always full of rainbows and sunshine. But later on, when the novelty wears off, couples realize the challenge of maintaining a healthy and satisfying connection that benefits both people involved. Once the initial intensity and passion subside, the responsibilities and issues pile up, steering some couples to the path of separation.

Of course, you should never ignore your doubts, and couples therapy isn’t enough to solve everything, but the nagging sensation prodding you to give things up and leave everything behind isn’t always right. Depending on your situation, breaking up could be the wrong choice!

Should We Break Up?

Just because you feel like you should end things with your partner doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do—contrary to popular belief, you should second think about your choices instead of blindly listening to your gut. Even if you’ve had constant arguments or feel unhappy, you shouldn’t break up right away.

Knowing the difference between a rough patch and a relationship-ending disaster is crucial—you wouldn’t want to bid your goodbyes and end up regretting your choice, do you? Keep in mind that a relationship isn’t always going to be full of happy moments; you will come to engage in a few arguments and have misunderstandings as the relationship progresses.

Overcoming problems makes a relationship strong—even the healthiest relationships come across issues and require couples therapy to overcome them. If there aren’t any signs of abuse and you don’t feel controlled, afraid, or isolated, then you may want to give your relationship a chance.

Signs You Should Stick things Out

When you’re in the middle of a conflict, it can be difficult to properly assess the situation and gain a complete perspective of your relationship. To help figure out if you’re only going through something temporary or you have to bring your relationship to a permanent end, just review these signs below.

You Can Communicate Freely With Each Other

Talking to your partner and expressing your thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative, is a good thing! Dealing with difficult truths together and having open, honest conversations will help you strengthen your bond further.

You Feel Safe Around Your Partner

Toxic and abusive relationships tend to have a manipulator and victim, where a partner controls the actions of the other, takes advantage of their weaknesses, and questions their self-worth. Everybody has insecurities and imperfections, but when your partner banks on them to get what they want, you shouldn’t stay in the relationship anymore.

On the other hand, in a healthy relationship, you feel free to work on your insecurities because you both can be kind to each other. If you and your partner feel willing to heal together, then your relationship may get through this rough patch.

You Both Accept Change

No one stays the same forever—you, your partner, and your circumstances may change dramatically throughout your relationship. Life changes can affect any close relationship, but those changes don’t have to lead to separation.

If both of you can talk honestly about significant life events and how they affect you, then you have a chance of adapting and adjusting once again.


Relationships are never easy, and some could impact you in not-so-good ways. However, breaking up isn’t always the answer! If you think that you and your partner are having serious problems, couples therapy may help you to get through them. With communication and counselling, saving your relationship may turn out to be worth it in the end!

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