Marriage is a life-long commitment, which means tying the knot takes the relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, a lot of people go into marriage unhealthy, broken, or even holding onto past relationships. Some even think marriage will complete them and heal their pain. But the truth is this union brings out the problems that failed or were refused to get addressed before getting married. Because of this, many couples eventually get divorced. There is one thing that can help you and your partner overcome this: premarital counselling.

Why Is Premarital Counselling Important?

Many people are often feeling over the moon as they begin the new chapter of their lives as married. They tend to overlook or neglect to discuss important issues before getting married, which can lead to worse problems in the long run.

Premarital counselling is essential since it helps you and your partner know upfront what you are getting into.Additionally, it decreases frustration about the current and potential issues impacting your relationship. As a result, both of you will be guided to make informed, clear decisions as a married couple.

How Can Premarital Counselling Help with Our Marriage?

Premarital counselling allows you and your partner to establish a strong, healthy relationship. Here are the ways it can increase your chances of having a stable and satisfying marriage:

It Lets You Know Your Partner Better

You may think that you already know your partner, especially if you have been together for years. However, there may be parts of them that remain hidden. You may be shocked at how much you don’t know about them once you get married. 

With premarital counselling, engaged couples can discover their thoughts and feelings about marriage and other issues through relationship-building activities prepared by a relationship therapist. This experience gives you an opportunity to share and discuss your values and beliefs about important matters, such as family, parenting, children, and finances. In the end, you will be equipped to handle situations in the future once unexpected problems arise.

It Serves as an Early Intervention to Help Your Relationship

Marriage does not always equate to a happily ever after. In other words, your goal should not only be to get married but to build a strong, loving, and lasting marriage. This is possible with premarital counselling because it serves as an early intervention to improve your relationship. During a couple therapy session, you and your partner will learn effective ways to communicate, set realistic expectations, and manage conflict.

It Helps you Deal with Issues That Can Affect Your Marriage

Just because you share your personal and relationship problems with your partner once you get married does not mean they will magically disappear. Many couples believe in this common misconception, which is why they have a hard time handling the ups and downs of their relationship. 

Here is the truth: what you don’t deal with while dating will go to another level when you get married. So instead of sweeping all problems under the rug, learn how to manage them effectively through premarital counselling. 


Many couples avoid premarital counselling because they fear the issues that may arise or the truth that may be revealed. Worse, these can result in the wedding being called off. However, it’s better to work on problems beforehand instead of waiting until after the marriage. If you decide to work on your relationship early through premarital counselling, reach out to a trusted relationship therapist like us.  

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