pErsonal performance Consulting

Are you a business owner or do you need to perform at a high level?

What is Personal Performance Coaching?

As a high performing individual, you will appreciate the importance of mental clarity when it comes to decision making. You will also understand how important communicating in a clear and concise manner is to those that you lead or need to work with. It doesn’t always work out though, and when it doesn’t the impact on morale, finances, friendships and family can take start to take a toll. 

Do you Find That…

  • You have had trouble communicating with your team or business partners?
  • You are under constant stress and feel stuck.
  • You are being kept up at night worrying about your business or team?
  • Are you finding it harder to switch between roles at work and home?
  • You feel that your team are not aligned?

How we can help

Trinity Dang

Trinity is a practising counsellor with real-world business experience leading a team of over a hundred employees. Her 12 years of business experience has made her realise the importance of effective communication, competent leadership, individual differences such as strengths and weaknesses of each person, and utilising them in a way that compliments the project/goal/business they are working on.

Today, Trinty focuses on Family and Relationship counselling at Halcyon and personal performance consulting with business owners, leaders and management on a one-on-one basis ensuring that they are mentally on point and have the tools to communicate effectively with their teams. 

Trinity is available to meet with you at your office or over coffee to discuss your personal needs and can consult with you on an ongoing hourly private basis. 



  • Bachelor of Social Science Psychology (BSocSc Psych)
  • Bachelor of Counselling (BCouns)


  • Director of Australia’s second-largest strawberry farm that seasonally employs over 500 people.  Focused on employee recruitment, process and system training and development.
  • Sales and Marketing Roles held in Indonesia, Singapore, Belgium and London
  • Over 12 years of business experience that includes directorships and multi cultural work forces. 


  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA) 
  • Australian Psychological Society (APS)