Planned and Self Managed

Planned and Self  Managed NDIS Counselling Support


Halcyon Counselling now provides counselling to NDIS Planned Management clients on the Sunshine Coast. We provide face to face counselling at our office and NDIS funded outreach counselling to clients on the Sunshine Coast who may find it difficult to travel to us.   Counsellors at Halcyon Counselling Clinic are registered with the Australian Counselling Association and the Australian Psychological Society. They are well-trained in dealing with clients with a variety of issues.

What is NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a programme that assists those who are permanently disabled. Individuals will have more choice and control over when, where, and how their funded supports are delivered under the NDIS. The type of assistance and financing provided is determined by the individual’s needs. On the NDIS website, you may learn more about which therapeutic supports are covered.

What is NDIS Plan-management?

Plan Management is one of three ways you may have your support funding managed.

  1. Self-managed: The NDIS will pay you or your nominee directly for the agreed supports.
  2. NDIA-managed: The NDIS will pay your support provider directly for the agreed supports.
  3. Plan-managed: The NDIS will pay your Plan Manager directly for these supports and the Plan Manager will pay the provider

When you are Plan Managed, there is no longer a restriction on only using National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Registered Providers. This allows you to direct your own care and support arrangements based on your plan’s objectives.

To make this a viable option, plan management is an added support you can request as part of your plan. Once you’ve been accepted, the cost of plan management is added to your plan as additional support, which means you won’t have to pay anything extra and your existing supports won’t be affected.

The Plan Management Team keeps you up to date with monthly statements that reflect exactly what we’ve processed on your behalf, as well as your current plan balances, and will contact you if there are any issues with the payment or processing of the bills as part of the service.

A Plan Manager is responsible for:

  1. Receiving invoices (Directly from the provider and/or via participant)
  2. Claiming payment from the NDIS portal
  3. Paying invoices
  4. Providing a monthly statement to participants including a summary of expenditure and breakdown of the budget

Getting started

You must have the item ‘Improved Daily Living’ in your NDIS plan to access counselling sessions. Improved Daily Living pays for the counselling service. 

If you believe that counselling will benefit you and your short-term goals, you could use some or all of your Improved Daily Living funds for it.

Benefits of NDIS plan management

Plan management will be mentioned in the ‘Capacity Building Supports’ section if it is a part of your plan. This option does not deduct from your existing support services. The NDIS Price Guide covers plan management financing, which typically consists of a one-time set-up cost and a specified amount of monthly processing fees.

“Having a plan manager provides you with the convenience of accessing support from non-NDIA registered providers and acquiring someone to handle the claiming of funds and paying providers on your behalf. All while you maintain choice and control over when and how your supports are delivered”

Click here to read more on “plan management” on the NDIS website for further clarity.

Counsellors and NDIS

The National Insurance Disability Agency (NIDA) manages the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) (NDIA). Its goals are to ensure that all people with disabilities have access to the resources they need to reach their full potential. For counsellors, this means that they will have the opportunity to assist individuals who would not otherwise have access to counsellors.  

What are the benefits of counselling?

Counselling can help to manage your emotions/express them in an effective way, such as anger, moreover, alleviating depressive and/or anxious symptoms, increasing confidence, decision-making skills, stress management AND MORE.

Why Halcyon Counselling?

Our counsellors are compassionate and supportive – welcoming everyone who may benefit from our counselling services. We do not only provide face to face counselling services but also NDIS funded outreach counselling to clients who may find it difficult to travel to us.

Feel free to call us at +61 7 5378 2714 or email us at office@halcyon.com.au to discuss further. We are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Buderim QLD 4556.