Life Transition Counselling

Life can throw unexpected challenges at you. We’re here when that happens.

Life is full of changes, but some are harder to navigate than others. All transitions mark the end of a certain experience and the beginning of a new one. This can have profound effects on how you conceptualise your identity and social roles. Transitions are natural moments of reflection, questioning, planning, and refocusing. Halcyon commonly help clients navigate the following; changes in relationships and family dynamics (eg. having kids, getting married/divorce, losing a partner or friends or child, caring for an elderly parent), career changes, medical diagnoses, accidents, “milestone” birthdays, moving out of a home and gender transitions and coming out. 

Halcyon provides a safe space to process the transition, reframing limiting beliefs and redefining personal and professional goals. Book in a session today.

"We provide counselling in a supportive environment, encouraging change at a pace that feels right for you"