Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck? You’re not the only one but the good news is that our counsellors at Halcyon are here to help.

Feeling stuck? Everyone goes through periods in their lives where they may feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, or confused about what they want or how to move forward with their lives or careers. Or may find yourself repeating the same negative patterns or self-destructive behaviours. Whether you are experiencing a life or career transition or engaging in self-exploration to enhance personal growth, counselling can help.

How can we help?

  1.  Exploring your goals, dream motivations and behaviours, you can gain greater clarity as to why you feel stuck. 
  2. Identify and transform sabotaging belief systems and destructive behaviour patterns.  
  3. Identify ways to move forward into increased effectiveness in living the life you want.

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"We provide counselling in a supportive environment, encouraging change at a pace that feels right for you"