Family Business Consulting

Family businesses are unique environments that when functioning effectively can offer supportive working environments while also creating profit and shareholder value

Is your family having more conflict about the family business? Are you avoiding conversations about the succession of leadership or ownership in your family business? Do you wonder if your level of leadership has become an obstacle to the company’s growth?

Trinity has over 20 years of business experience and is an active member in her own family businesses that span private practice, property and agriculture. She is an expert at understanding the nuances of family relationships as well as the unique and specific requirements of businesses. She assists the family as well as their business by identifying and resolving business and family challenges. Trinity has worked with a wide range of family businesses and closely-held companies in a variety of industries.

She applies a broad range of skills working with family businesses as their advisor and has extensive expertise working with family members on conflict resolution, with management on strategic planning and/or operational improvement, and with the ownership circle on change management.  Trinity also improves communication, reduces misunderstandings, and highlights the qualities that made your family business appealing in the first place. Our main purpose is to assist family-owned businesses in growing and prospering for future generations.


Working With Trinity

When working with a new family business, she conducts an assessment to determine how to mutually define the problems.  Then works with each client to develop a plan forward to resolve the problems. 

Often Trinity will weave some of her services over the course of an engagement (resolving conflict in the family, leadership coaching, strategic planning).  However, at other times your engagement may only involve one of these services. 

In her approach, Trinity develops a highly personalised and multi-systemic solution tailored to your unique needs.  Each family (and their business) need a unique solution for their unique problems.

Benefits of Family Business Consulting

  • The Benefits of Family Business/Organisational Coaching
  • Reduce turnover and retain top-performing staff
  • Enhance individual and organisational performance
  • Increase family and employee morale, commitment and productivity
  • Improve retention of high potential and talented employees and management
  • Enhance work environment
  • Improve performance and maintain high level work ethics
  • Enhance reputation in the industry
  • Position for continual growth and success
  • Positively affect organisational culture


Monthly retainer start at $15,000/month + GST for 10 hours of consulting.  Each client is unique so support can be extended to your management team and employees.  Contact us to learn more and find out if Trinity is right for your business. 


“The end goal is to have a healthy and productive workplace where family members and employees are aligned and happy so that the business can grow in a meaningful and profitable way”

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