Crisis Counselling

Crisis Counselling provides brief and effective help for those in need of urgent help

Crisis counselling and management is intended to be brief. It is not the same as ongoing psychotherapy. Providing support for individuals, couples or families using interventions that focus on helping navigate the stress of an event by enhancing coping skills and resources and providing emotional and psychological support. 

This counselling method involves careful assessment of the situation, planning, strategising and focusing on the client’s immediate situation, such as needs and safety. Clients who seek counselling for personal or professional crises may need a more robust form of support. This may include extra sessions or extended time until the situation is resolved, or they are feeling more resilient and better able to cope without the help of mental health professional. 

Businesses that work in high stress or sometimes dangerous environments like emergency services, FIFO and trades can greatly benefit by offering crisis support to workers and their families.

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Principles of Crisis Intervention:

Simplicity – People respond to simple not complex in a crisis

Brevity – Minutes up to 1 hour in most cases (3-5 contacts typical)

Innovation – Providers must be creative to manage new situations

Pragmatism – Suggestions must be practical if they are to work

Proximity – Most effective contacts are closer to operational zones

Immediacy – A state of the crisis demands rapid intervention

Expectancy – The crisis intervener works to set up expectations of a reasonable positive outcome”

(Jeffrey H. Mitchell, PhD)

"We provide counselling in a supportive environment, encouraging change at a pace that feels right for you"