Unions between two people can create a loving and nurturing environment for both parties. Through each other’s presence, people in the relationship can grow mentally and emotionally through love and support. However, there are still differences in the individuals in the relationship that often end up as a hindrance to intimacy and communication.

Intimacy refers to the emotional closeness between two people, making them more open to discussing their true feelings, thoughts, fears, and desires. It is more than touching, kissing, holding hands, or sex. It’s great to know the factors that affect intimacy and learn to avoid them to stop future conflicts from happening.

1. Lack of Communication

Communication is a vital foundation in every kind of relationship. Platonic or romantic, it is essential for two people to communicate what they think and feel honestly and appropriately. Both parties should be able to listen and speak up to each other. A simple error in communication can cause various misunderstandings, which may lead to disconnection.

2. Extreme Emotions

It is not uncommon for relationships to encounter a few bumps in the road. Arguments and disagreements can be resolved quickly, but consider these extreme emotions to discuss right away. Other persistent feelings like anger or jealousy can interfere with the level of intimacy in relationships. Some people say that it is better to end the day with the issues resolved. However, it is best to let the emotions settle before discussing potential ways to fix them.

3. Childcare

For relationships that involve children, taking care of children can be an issue between two people. Tasks like feeding, cleaning up the mess, or getting kids to sleep can be tiring for both parents. Responsibilities should be divided fairly between both parties. 

Every parent should play a role in the children’s growth by taking on a task to fulfil. Helping each other raise children isn’t about only two people, but also the children within the equation. Their growth depends on how you two take care of them as they grow up.

4. Job and Other Commitments

A relationship thrives when both people recognise that their partners have goals and dreams to accomplish. However, even if your partners support what you do, keep in mind that being career-focused should be balanced with other aspects of life. After all, investing in the relationship is also a crucial part of maintaining it. Try to consider separating your roles from home and office and keep the two personalities away from each other.

Last note…

In every relationship, remember that it takes two to tango. It is your responsibility to keep the boat afloat. Often, one of the parties can blame the other when it fails. However, it is great if we realise that everybody is different and we should respect that. A healthy relationship is bound to encounter issues, but what’s important is doing the work to disentangle conflict.

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