The conversation on mental health has taken off. And although there’s still so much we need to do as a society in terms of mental health; it can be really refreshing to see people invest in their mental health more.

Counselling is a great way to take care of your mental health. And more people should consider seeking counselling to help them deal with their emotions.

Career counselling is a popular type of counselling that can really help individuals figure out their next career move. It can help eliminate fear and anxiety caused by the uncertainty of one’s future in their chosen career path. 

There are many reasons people seek career counselling, and these are just five of the common situations people find themselves in. 

1. You’ve Just Graduated

When you’ve been a student for most of your life, it can be scary to finally step into the real world. Once the excitement and joy of graduating have died down, many fresh graduates find themselves anxious and overwhelmed for the future. 

Some might realise that they want a different career from the degree they hold. Others might get overwhelmed by the whole job hunting experience. And some might just feel a little bit lost.

Seeking career counselling can help give clarity to your situation. The counsellor will help you with your options and aid you in creating a long-term plan for your career. They’ll help you get the confidence you need to step into interviews and get the job.

2. You’ve Lost Motivation 

We’ve all felt a little burnout at a job, and it can be very frustrating to no longer hold the same passion for your job that you used to have. 

A career counsellor will help you overcome that burnout and find solutions to reignite that passion. They’ll give you advice on staying motivated and maintaining productivity even during times when your motivation has taken a dip.

3. You’re Not Happy With Your Current Field

After years of studying and working, some might realise that this isn’t really what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Shifting careers can mean a significant change in your professional and personal life. Career counselling sessions can help you with this critical transition and show you your options. They can help formulate a plan for you to be more guided throughout this significant shift.

4. You’re Retiring

Retiring is an emotional experience. After dedicating many years of your life to a career, you might not be ready to stop working altogether.

A career counsellor can help you tackle all these emotions you’re feeling regarding your retirement. And if you really want to continue working, they can help you find jobs that are suited for your skillset but are more laid-back than your former full-time job.

5. You’re Stressed

You don’t have to have a significant change in your life to seek career counselling. You could simply be stressed and want to learn how you can deal with your work stress. Or perhaps, you want advice on how to deal with an unpleasant work situation. You could also seek career counselling if you wish to improve your leadership skills. 

Career counselling sessions can help you with any improvement you want to make in your work life. It can also help you manage issues at work and create a better work-life balance. 

Final Thoughts

Career counselling can be applicable at any stage of your career, and you actually don’t need a reason to seek career counselling. Whether you’ve just graduated or are facing retirement, career counselling sessions can help you deal with career anxiety and fear and help you formulate a plan. Remember, any investment you make in your mental health is absolutely worth it and will be best for you in the long run.

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